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Mike Giannulis is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur helping businesses to scale up and grow. He was born and brought up in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He continues to live in the Tampa Bay area of the Sunshine State.

Mike Giannulis

Michael Giannulis

Mike Giannulis from an early age had a penchant for marketing and business. He used his skills to the assistance of companies so that they can boost sales and streamline their business processes. Mike is happy to offer tips and ideas to grow a business. He help entrepreneurs have maximum liberty and time for themselves.

About Michael Giannulis

Michael Giannulis is the chief executive officer of BPO USA as well as Pixx Media. Also, He is  the co-owner of a leading real estate investment firm. He likes to share his business strategies including scaling tips with enthusiast entrepreneurs. Besides that, Michael has a very noble cause to come to the assistance of US students who cannot afford higher studies in the country.​

Michael Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Read this before applying

The benefits of selling your published book are many. You cannot express it in a couple of words. Then, it is one of the numerous goals in your bookselling efforts and success of self-publishing. Your key focus is to sell your books without any hassles.

Running a small business is not something you can take casually. Even though your business may be relatively small at the moment, the only way you can achieve sustainable success is by nurturing it well and anticipating every challenge. 

The Internet, mobile devices, and social media platforms have completely revolutionized how American travelers go about doing their research and booking their holiday trips. Travel agencies or tour operators are able to identify and find their target clients online, instead of exhibitions and trade fairs.


Mike Giannulis was keen on helping other aspiring entrepreneurs find enjoyment and freedom when they started their venture. Also, He knows that operating a business means long working hours and still with little or no results. 

Mike Giannulis is also aware that when you own a business, it is a huge responsibility. You have to look after the company as well as pay your staff monthly paychecks every month and on time.

Successful Entrepreneur

Michael Giannulis is a skilled and successful entrepreneur and marketer who appreciates that education is without doubt the most essential and critical aspect as far as developing a successful career is concerned. Then, the higher education costs incurred in chasing higher degree courses in the US appear skyrocketing up each year and many American students are finding it tremendously difficult or unachievable to fund their higher education all by themselves and without much monetary aid or help.

Considering all of these things, Mike has created the awesome Grant program to assist most deserving and bright student. Also,To reduce stress and conquering the financial burden of an expensive education in colleges or universities in the US.

Mike Giannulis – His noble initiative

The Mike Giannulis financial grant is a noble initiative by him, who is a business owner and a marketing expert. His gracious duty is to assist financially disadvantaged students in America. Besieged to shell out their expensive college fees via the Mike Giannulis Grant program. The cash prize would be given to best student who pens an exceptional essay with clarity, knowledge, and innovation.

Mike Giannulis is conversant about the very expensive advance education fees in the United States of America.  He comes up with the great idea Mike Giannulis financial grant program. Also, It is an objective to come to the assistance of deprived students in the US so that they can shell out the fee for their higher degree course from a reputed college or university in the US.

The Mike Giannulis grant program

Mike knows that the college expenses in the US are past the range of poor-income group, who want to enroll for an advanced college course or university course. Nevertheless, advanced education is the foundation of developing a triumphant career that will help these students to manage a highly paid job in the country. This is where the Mike Giannulis grant program comes to the picture to assist poor US students in financial suffering.

Also,Mike Giannulis is quite aware of the fact that spending on exorbitant college or university tuition fees is not feasible for financially deprive students hailing from poor families or backgrounds, and therefore the Mike Giannulis Grant initiative.

However, The candidates from less rich backgrounds are force to take expensive education loans. Then They find it hard or impossible to pay back the amount borrowed unlike their peers from affluent backgrounds.

Mike Giannulis Grant was started for commendable students so that they’re not required to repay the borrowed money. This is one-time monetary help or aid for students who manage to pen an outstanding essay. Easy should be  on the topic, “Scaling Your Business – Six Stages of It and How to Succeed?

The Mike Giannulis Grant program intention

The Mike Giannulis Grant program is to aid the disadvantaged students looking to pursue advanced education in the United States. In addition, Mike is aware that the fees in a private college or university offering four-year courses are high cost students $34,740. Also, the public universities will charge in-state students about $9,970 and out-of-state candidates will require making a payment of $25,620. The yearly tuition fee hikes are approx 2.4% in private colleges and 3.2 % in public colleges in the US.

As advanced college fees are ever-increasing, Mike Giannulis is financial aid for candidates enrolling for advanced courses or higher degrees. The Mike Giannulis Grant, a program by Mike, offers a cash prize of $1,000 to the most talented  essay writer.

The Requirements for Mike Giannulis Grant Program

A student could be a senior in a high school or at the present accepted at a familiar college or for that matter a university.

He or she could be a freshman, sophomore, as well as a junior student currently enrolled at an accredited and also, recognized educational institution to become qualified for the Mike Giannulis grant money.

After that, He or she must submit an elaborate and informative essay of  approx 750-800 words. Easy should be on the topic, “Scaling Your Business – Six Stages of It and How to Succeed?

How Do You Apply?

However, All essay submissions for the Mike Giannulis Grant should be made via email, with a Word file attached, and the same sent to info@mikegiannulisgrant.com

Please provide the following details with your essay submission:

First and Last Name

Contact Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

School Graduation Date

College or university you’re are currently applying, or accepted at, or enrolled

Most recent GPA


  1. The last date of application for the Mike Giannulis Grant is on July 1, 2021.
  2. The winning candidate to be informed on July 15, 2021, through an email.
  3. The name of the winner to be published on www.mikegiannulisgrant.com

Winner selection

The final winner, who writes an outstanding and brilliant essay, would be informed through an official email. Then, The candidate should contact Michael Giannulis within 15 days or so by replying to the email. The reward prize money would be sent straight to the student’s bank account.