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Michael Giannulis Discusses Ways to Boost Your Bookselling Efforts

The benefits of selling your published book are many. You cannot express it in a couple of words. Then, it is one of the numerous goals in your bookselling efforts and success of self-publishing. Your key focus is to sell your books without any hassles.

According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, after you have written a book, you need to connect with your prospective readers to market your work. First things first, build a website to do online marketing of your book.

In this age of digital marketing, it is essential to build a subscriber list to boost your email marketing campaigns. You may begin with no visitors, but traffic to your book website would shoot up with continuous digital marketing efforts. You also need to be choosy and strategic when it comes to your book promotion on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Here are some of the best ways to boost your bookselling efforts:

Michael Giannulis talks about building your image as a writer

Booklovers and bookworms like reading books. It could be novels, thrillers, science fiction, adventure, romance, and even non-fiction books. Stories appeal to bookworms. Therefore, as an author, you need to build your image in a way and write intriguing novels to hold your readers’ attention. You must become familiar with your readers to win their trust. If your targeted audience cannot trust you and relate to you, they will not buy your books. It is as simple as that.

You need to emphasize the fact that your work has been published and therefore, include that info in your forum signature lines and email. Remember to incorporate your book website as well as social media pages. Press releases will also help you to promote your book online. These might seem little things but add up to build your positive image as an author.

Your best buyers are librarians

When it comes to librarians, they know all about books. Did you know that they are the preferred ones of conventional publishers, self-publishers, as well as small publication houses?  When librarians take an interest in your book and rely on your brand, these people will become your bookselling collaborators.

You will need the support of publishing houses as well as their involvement in your bookselling endeavors. These are the people, who will sponsor readings, book signings, book launch meetings, and question and answer sessions, etc at their libraries or at popular bookstores. According to Michael Giannulis, you will need to visit your nearest libraries and bookstores and build a rapport with them. The support from publishers will help you in this regard.

Third-party reviews will help to promote your books better

When you are planning to boost your bookselling efforts, a candid and unbiased third-party review will go a long way in promoting your work. Positive feedback from a trustworthy book reviewer will help in making your new book stand out from the rest, enhance its marketability, boost sales, and improve your reputation as an author too.

Do not hesitate to invite your readers as well as reviewers to appraise your book. When it comes to published reviews on platforms such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or for that matter iUniverse bookstore, they help in boosting the credibility of your new book, motivating readers to buy it and in return, booklovers will like and enjoy reading a thrilling murder mystery or a romantic novel.

Try E-book publishing

E-publishing is the latest trend when it comes to publishing. It is true indeed that the web has spread out your promotional reach past physical and geological boundaries. E-books help you to place your book into the readers’ hands. Your e-publication readers may hail from any part of the world; they are your buyers and purchase, read, and enjoy downloaded copies of your novels and stories on their iPhones and iPads. If you would like to take your book promotion campaign to another level, e-publishing is your best bet so that you can reach out to a wider audience.

Writing a novel is a big dream and beneficial. If you know the rules of e-publishing, your book promotion efforts will help you realize and go past your publishing aspirations. Book publishing takes time and there is no shortcut to the process. There are no magic formulas or secret sauces to boost your book sales. Hard work and implementing the right marketing strategies will take your bookselling efforts to the next level. All that matters is careful and meticulous planning to promote your brand and your book in front of readers.

Make the best use of social media sites

Though iUniverse takes all the book titles of its authors on its digital bookstore as well as via partnerships with Barnes & Noble and Amazon, another way to boost your book sales is through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

You can post content on social sites related to book news, reviews from trusted reviewers, and book-related updates on MySpace too. There are also other online communities where you can promote your book to boost sales. Social networking is the best option to connect with fellow authors and explore new opportunities for selling your novels and non-fiction books. You need to make an effort in the right sense of the word. There is no instant solution to book publishing and sales. It is the cumulative effort of the author, librarians, and publishers – big and small, and of course, bookstores that help you sell your books.


Many self-published authors witnessed success via direct bookselling promotions and campaigns. If they can do it, you can as well. You need to love and have a passion for book promotion and participate in the process. Just writing a book is not the end of your responsibility, these days, when the competition is so stiff. Hard and dedication are the key to your bookselling efforts. Believe in your bookselling dream and you can achieve what you are looking for. So take the plunge.

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