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Michael Giannulis Identifies Tips that Would Make a Successful Tourism Businesses Stand Apart from the Rest

The Internet, mobile devices, and social media platforms have completely revolutionized how American travelers go about doing their research and booking their holiday trips. Travel agencies or tour operators are able to identify and find their target clients online, instead of exhibitions and trade fairs. The digital world is of crucial importance to the tourism industry today. It entices American travelers by showcasing and highlighting marvelous long-haul destinations waiting to be explored by them. Moreover, social media is the inspirational force that allows and motivates businesses to go ahead and share their unique experiences. As per https://marketingtechnews.net, Americans are already spending over $5,000 every year on holidays. They are also taking 35 days leave for holidaying every year on an average.

Michael Giannulis believes that the tourism industry is supposed to be the platform that leveraged and implemented digital technologies. You need to appreciate the fact that consumer buying behavior is getting transformed rapidly just as fast and simple booking online converts into a main sales platform for all sorts of tourism products. There is absolutely no need for you to wait for your clients to locate you; rather, you need to actively utilize the golden opportunities provided by the Internet to the tourism industry.

Some tourism businesses could not withstand the challenges and could not sustain them in the long run. This happened not because a great product or service was absent but generally because there was no customer demand for their specific product or service or maybe because they could not charge adequately to stay profitable. Contrary to the failed tourism businesses, there are some highly-successful travel agencies and tour operators who are able to get a good income to support their staff and family. Here are some tips for those successful businesses so that they continue to grow, achieve incredible progress, and stand tall among the rest.

Michael Giannulis Offers Some Tourism Business Tips to Continue the Winning Streak

Tip# 1: Devote Time to Work on Your Business

We understand that thriving tourism businesses particularly, tour operators and owners must ensure that they are dedicating a lot of time to work on their tourism business besides focusing simply on taking care of their guests. They must find time to: 

· Chalk out an effective marketing plan and consider reviewing it. They are confident about their goals and how they would achieve those objectives. They have a clear idea of where they are actually headed for and precisely how they would be getting there. They would then strive relentlessly to make things happen and may consider adjusting their objectives wherever required. 

· Build a robust team and efficiently manage it. Hire staff or employ the services of some external contractors for delivering an amazing product and fulfilling their unique vision. 

· Focus on interacting with influencers, building, and fortifying relationships with them.

· They believe in systemizing operational tasks.

· They keep reviewing and readjusting their marketing activities.

Tip# 2: Understand Who Your Ideal Clients Are

Successful tourism businesses know where to focus their attention on. They concentrate their efforts on attracting specifically their ideal or most profitable clients. They do not cater to the expectations of everybody. Instead, they prefer to fulfill the unique requirements of their ideal clients. If you wish to sustain your thriving tourism business, you must do adequate research to identify precisely who your ideal clients are and you must understand their buying behavior and other unique traits. 

You should be able to tell precisely what they are looking for and how your tourism experiences would be catering to their unique needs. You must have clear knowledge and a sound understanding of what your clients actually value most and what precisely their challenges are. You must consider using your ideal clients as a lens for your product development. Use your knowledge to guide you while making critical marketing decisions. You must focus your attention on evolving your products and services based on the future and current requirements of your ideal customers. 

Tip# 3: No Need to Have Competitive Pricing

Most successful tour operators are more often than not, more expensive in comparison to their competitors. If you are running a thriving tourism company, you have the freedom to charge more as compared to the other companies for your brand of the tourism experience. You are providing precisely what your clients are looking for and you are striving to exceed their expectations. You could charge premium pricing by communicating precisely what you could provide to your ideal clients. If you promise to fulfill the unique needs of your ideal customers, you could charge higher for your services. You could demonstrate precisely how your business is superior to others by providing great pictures, consistent and clear branding, and positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers.       

Tip# 4: More Emphasis on Direct Booking 

You must understand the fact that major profits would be coming from consumers who are booking their tours directly and not via any third-party distributor. You must focus your attention and efforts at establishing a robust email database, sharing enticing content on major social media platforms, and investing in a truly attractive, mobile, and SEO optimized online-bookable website. 

You could only consider working with certain travel distribution partners provided you are having a bigger amount of units for selling or you are acting in terms of precisely how your target audience prefers to buy their travel experiences.

Tip# 5: Focus on Providing an Exceptional Experience

You must keep in mind that providing a mind-blowing or exceptional travel experience that not only meets but even exceeds the unique needs of your ideal client, you would soon be having an army of satisfied and happy clients. You must know the tricks of the game. Besides providing an amazing experience, you must know ways to build anticipation well in advance of the trip. Moreover, you must leverage the power of testimonials and reviews from happy and satisfied clients after the trip is over.


If you wish to retain the winning streak, as a successful tourism brand, you must remember to keep the above-discussed tips in mind. Moreover, focus on building robust relationships with top travel and tourism influencers. You could establish a rapport or relationships with partners that are known to influence your ideal clients. They would be including Destination Marketing Organizations, Visitor Information Center, Tourism Industry Councils, Trade & Media Organizations, etc. You could focus on leveraging any opportunities that you get from all these versatile partners. Obviously, you must not expect opportunities to be served on a plate. However, you must take proactive measures to obtain and pursue opportunities to attract more ideal clients.

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