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Michael Giannulis – Ways To Delight Your Customers For Proficient Growth

Michael Giannulis says it is true that customer acquisition has been a major part of your business. However, you need to focus on customers that you already have. Remember that proper customer perceptions can easily make or break the business. In case you are delivering quality experiences. Services, and products, and also trying to delight your customers, then you won’t have to worry about your business expansion at all!

Michael Giannulis talks about a study:

There has been one study on media, advertising, and peer recommendations. Here, it was discovered that around 92% of global consumers trust earned media like consumer opinions, personal recommendations from family and friends, and more. They trust opinions over any form of advertising, according to Michael Giannulis.

  • So, when you are able to delight your customers and also share that note with others, your business is surely on the path of growing. 
  • The best salesman of your company is none other than your customers. So, working hard to please the existing customers you have is your primary goal to address.

Make sure to provide real time support:

Do you know how your customers might have been feeling. About the waiting game, they had to play every time? While giving you a call for some assistance? Some surveys have stated that the maximum time customers are willing to wait. A phone call is around 13 minutes and not a single minute extra.

  • Business can easily align with the expectations of your customers with the reality by just deploying new technologies. The main goal is to offer real-time support to customers.
  • A greater form of customer experience can be easily achieved by introducing the live chat option. Even some of the live engagement tools can do the trick and also will boost customer satisfaction rate.

Omni-Channel customer service according to Mike Giannulis:

Customers are always on the lookout for those companies, which are ready to offer them excellent consistent experiences across various channels. Customers will use any one of those channels to reach out to your firm and make a purchase. According to Mike Giannulis, around 98% of Americans prefer switching to different brands to get their task going.

  • Therefore, it is mandatory for businesses to go omnichannel. The main goal is to ensure that the service for customers remains consistent across multiple channels, like social media, in-app, phone, website, store, and also more.
  • Here, it means that the customer always remains satisfied with the social support. Over the FB messenger, along with proper website support from your company.

Going through these points is enough to prove the importance of customer satisfaction for business growth. If your company fails to keep up with the existing customers’ satisfactory note, it is not going to win new customers at all. On the other hand, satisfied customers will always recommend their family and also friends to try out your company. For some help, which in turn, helps in your business growth.

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