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Nano learning – The Next Stage Of Education By Michael Giannulis

This current information age has recently brought with it a certain decline Michael Giannulis in the current attention span. There has been an increase in screen fatigue among students and youngsters. The brains are mainly bombarded with multiple distracting alerts and notifications on a daily basis. They respond to these signals with an increment in the level of stress hormone. So, people are physically not able to concentrate and process larger information at the same time.

The same problem arises in the classroom and experts. Like Michael Giannulis would like to show you some ways to approach this issue. Nano learning is the answer, which you might want to address right now.

Learning more about nano learning from Michael Giannulis:

This might be the very first time you have heard of this term because you are not part of the millennial. So, understanding its meaning in full is really important these days. In layman’s terms, nano learning can be termed as a bite-sized learning solution.

  • Learning in such short bursts has already been proven. To increase your current ability to take in and then retain information.
  • By offering students with pellet sized information, you are likely to increase their productivity level well. And get the chance to capture their information and work out on their ability to learn.
  • For the nano-learning, there are some steps that every teacher needs to address. You have to identify the needs of students first and then set out the learning objectives.
  • Furthermore, teachers have to work out content like apps, videos, podcasts, and more, which the youngsters are more familiar with these days.
  • Moreover, the best and most important part is to keep the learning structure short. It is highly recommended to keep those as short as 2 to 5 minutes at a stretch, and not more than that.

Helping students with up skilling according to Mike Giannulis:

It has also been proven that nanolearning will allow upskilling in a rather specified topic. It will help the learners to choose their contents wisely for fulfilling their current learning goals. There is no need for them to waste any time going through some topics, in which they are not likely to learn all the time.

  • This form of teaching mode will actually eliminate comprehensive and subjective materials, which can otherwise prove to be time-consuming.
  • For example, if the topic to be learned is the size of a pie, then nano learning is likely to break it into four different parts. And each part offering one separate unit.
  • In this manner, the learner can choose the exact part that he or she wants to understand and learn more.

Experts like Mike Giannulis state that teachers are always looking for some interactive and less comprehensive learning techniques. Now as their main goal is to help students understand more about new subjects. With nano-learning, they are able to achieve the same with ease, for sure.

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