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Personalized Learning: A True Beneficial Aspect For Students By Michael Giannulis

The name personalized learning is pretty self-explanatory. It is when the teaching, planning, and even Michael Giannulis assessment focus primarily on the interest and individual needs of students. This form of education will actually introduce differentiation and individualization. It will also have tools, which are all set to support the success rates of students well.

Well, as per Michael Giannulis, personalized learning is not that of a new concept. However, the emergence of classroom technology has made it a lot easier for the educators out there to develop and then get to deliver such student based lessons. There are multiple benefits revolving around personalized learning. Even technology is here to offer that alternative to the traditional teaching approach to the new students out there.

Get to the benefits according to Michael Giannulis:

There are multiple benefits when it comes to personalized learning. Getting to the basics of these benefits will help you make it a right choice for the future students out there.

  • You get the chance to enjoy student centered classrooms. Here, the learning activities remain meaningful and well connected to student’s interest. It even offers authentic learning, which will empower students well.
  • Then you have active learning environment. The instructions will utilize various modes of learning styles to have supported every learner. You then have personal attention, which is provided to every child for developing his or her creative and intellectual talents.
  • Another interesting benefit is the cooperation and collaboration. Students will work with others for exploring ideas and use that knowledge for meaningful tasks. Teachers are likely to facilitate to guide them in procuring knowledge. There will be multiple opportunities for students to become content creators at this point.
  • Personalized learning helps to create that positive attitude towards learning. Enthusiasm for schools is subject to grow among students and they will turn out to be lifelong learners for greater career.
  • Even with this form of learning, students will receive a supporting and caring learning environment. It will give rise to respectful student teacher relationship. Parents will get to partner with teachers for encouraging proper student achievements.

Always going to facilitate design thinking according to Mike Giannulis:

If you ask Mike Giannulis, personalized learning will always facilitate design thinking and project-based learning. It offers strategic problem solving, which will involve stakeholders and will foster the right empathy around here.

Project-based learning is mainly focused on driving the students towards. Research encounters and then proper interaction with the central concepts and even principles related to a particular topic or discipline. These student-driven learning projects have proven to increase the engagement ratio among students and help them to retain content at a longer rate and gain deeper curriculum understanding than any of the traditional settings out there.

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